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BOLLYWOOD TRAILS brings to you London the Bollywood way. From traveling and exploring London’s iconic film locations to discovering the true Bollywood blood in the heart of Britain; Bollywood Trails is not just an initiative but a celebration of this unique bond of Bollywood and Britain. The most Bollywood experiences unfolding in the heart of Britain, updates on latest film shoots or simply the right contacts to revive the Bollywood frenzy in you; Bollywood Trails will soon be your one-stop destination to enjoy 100% Bollywood and 200% British.


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From Harry potter tour to Shakespeare tour of London, there seems to be something for each and every fan in London, but what about Bollywood which lies in the heart of Britain?

Bollywood Trails presents to you, the first ever Bollywood-themed walking tour of London: BOLLYWALK. With Bollywalk, it’s time to not just explore but RELIVE BOLLYWOOD which lies in the heart of Britain.

How? Join us on the first edition of Bollywalk and get a chance to live your Bollywood dream by simply following the Bollyguide who will engage you in the most Bollywood activities as you explore the iconic London locations visited once through the silver screen.

So get ready to dance, sing and live out loud as you embark upon this unique walking tour of London and bring out the hero in you in the most colourful and filmy way.


When: Last Weekend of August